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To understand the culture of Sprout Salons, it is best to start with the conceptualization of the name itself. The concept of something fresh, new and always growing was perfectly embodied in the word “sprout.” Our goal as a team is to bring each of our guests a warm and welcoming experience each time they enter our salon doors.

The Sprout Team

In keeping with our “green” beginnings, the Sprout Salons team has chosen to only offer products that care for our planet as well as our guests. Environmentally responsible ingredient sourcing and organic ingredients combined with science based research are the basis of how we choose the products that we offer for at-home-care to our guests.

At Sprout Salons, we treat our clients as an honored guest.

We are committed to education in our craft. Our team participates in on-going education to continue to grow technically and personally. 

Our goal at Sprout Salons is to  “bring your style to the surface!” 

Our Mission: “At Sprout Salons, we treat our clients as an honored guest. We respect their needs and create an environment full of warmth by what we say and do. We exceed expectations by committing ourselves to growth in our craft. 

Our purpose is to enhance the beauty, both inside and out, of our guests and each other every day. We do this through integrity, respect, and education.”

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